Tisdag, Maj 6, 2008

So it’s been a good bit since I have written anything. I took a break and I am not sure why. April did seem like a difficult month for me though. The brother John, of my uncle Tim who passed away in February, passed away in April. It is very difficult for me to be away from home at times like these. I know if it was my choice I would be there of course, but it is just not so easy to do that. I feel that I can truly celebrate his life though. He was very sick. I called him on his birthday, April 1st. My grandmother put the phone by his ear and he tried to speak, but the sounds just did not come out. I just hope all of this happening can make me stronger as a person.
School got very busy for me during the first week of April I was doing 5 courses at once so things did get a bit hectic. There are only two weeks left of school for me and I am so happy about it. I am not sure if my grades will be good or not.
My health is in tip top shape now although it took about 5 weeks for my rib to completely heal so I had to take it easy. During the first week of April it snowed 9 inches. I couldn’t believe it; I had hoped all the snowing was over. It was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed it. I decided it was possibly the last decent snow I might ever see in my life. I took advantage of it with all I could. My friend Tom and I built a snowman. He didn’t look like the typical snowman, but instead he looked like an ogre. I named him Gustoff and ever since then I have really liked that name! We also went up to Norra Berget and took some amazing pictures. It was all very breathtaking.
The snow has been completely cleared for several weeks now and the weather is absolutely perfect! It is still a bit cool, but I like it. I’m still waiting for all of the stones on the sidewalks to be cleared, but I can live with it. I am also waiting for the leaves to bloom. It’s hard to believe it is May and the trees are naked!
The end of this month will be very exciting. Several of us students are going to Finland and Estonia. A friend and I will continue on with Latvia, Lithuanian, Poland, and Czech Republic. During our time in Lithuanian we will only be about 30 km from Belarus. Visas can be obtained 3 days prior so I am thinking about doing that… I think this will be a very confusing trip. Most of the countries will be changing to the euro soon, but not soon enough. It’s very difficult having to constantly withdrawal money from the ATM and do conversation rates in the head especially when they vary everyday and not to mention the different languages. It is sure a good thing that I enjoy challenges. This will be one.
I also booked a trip for Denmark and Netherlands for July. I really want to go to Lego land and 6 flags! I will be visiting some friends in Amsterdam. One which I haven’t seen since 2006. It should make for a nice reunion!

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